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Discussion in 'Clans/Team up' started by iPlayAnimalCrossing, Dec 17, 2017.

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    Jul 8, 2017
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    Looking for a few new players to expand the ranks of AY6 (At Your Six).

    This is a very informal post as we are not big recruiters, our background is large amounts of experience in Chernarus Wasteland (continously beating top teams and dominating top players), top 10 win BR team, average K/D is very high and we expect quality players who are weird as fuck and like having a laugh - knowing when it's time to get serious.

    We are looking for people from any time zone, I'd love to get some Ruski's in as we've never had a Russian player join us, any nationality is welcome.

    We dominated Desolation when it first came out, and aim to do the same with this mod.

    We play on the EU/RU server (most populated) and are therefore recruiting for that server.


    PM Me, Post on here with a Steam name or add me: AY6 iPlayAnimalCrossing (Yes, my display picture is Scrota Lisa)

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