DesolationRedux v0.3.2 Release Notes

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    Updates to Client files, Server files, Libredex, and SQL for v0.3.2


    Client Files Changelog v0.3.2

    Added: Localization for dsr_ui config
    Added: Name/Init/Damage attributes to EditMapConfig function
    Added: Book 1
    Added: Fuel Barrel as buildable item
    Added: dsr_ammo_base & dsr_magazine_base classes
    Added: cfgBuildables and cfgVehicleParts to stringtables

    Fixed: Magazine .hpp file names

    Tweaked: Damage is now stored into vehicle parts as ammo
    Tweaked: UI HUD Icons
    Tweaked: Ducttape updated to A3 version
    Tweaked: A3 objects moved to own config file

    Removed: Oilrig/NuclearTower buildings
    Removed: dsr_tire_part

    Server Files Changelog v0.3.2

    Added: Weapon progress level now effects weapon handling.
    Added: New animations for drinking and eating.
    Added: Ability to block building on marker areas. (Marker name's has to be: "BlockedBuildingArea_0","BlockedBuildingArea_1",etc...).
    Added: Eating coocked meat now increases your blood level.
    Added: Bans, Kicks, and other AntiCheat warning messages are now stored to built in log and .rpt.
    Added: Added warning message if libredex.dll is not found!
    Added: AI Markers to AdminTools
    Added: Improved anticheat and added new features like TP check!
    Added: "tacs_bacpacks" addon to mission.sqm files.
    Added: Knife to loot tables.
    Added: Ability to disable spawnpoint selection menu. (When false unit will be spawned to a random zone).
    Added: Player stance and grass now effects the distance on zombie agro.
    Added: VehicleManager uses now .hpp files for configs.
    Added: Server password and load id are now sent in initServer as params.
    Added: New function: BASE_fnc_editString.
    Added: Ability to toggle autoRefuel from fuel pumps.

    Fixed: Required items are now checked before the repair/remove/.etc starts.
    Fixed: Player rating goes to positive when in a vehicle. (This way other players can get in, in the same vehicle)
    Fixed: Ability to melee zombies.
    Fixed: PluginManager's "Get" functions are now more user friendly. Also wiki for most functions are updated!
    Fixed: Removed old "dsr_ports" and "dsr_flashlight" addons from chernarus mission.
    Fixed: Animations for drinking and eating.
    Fixed: Timings in doAnimation functions.
    Fixed: DesoDB/ApmsDB no longer spams rpt when killing player with no uid.
    Fixed: Display of amount of spawned Vehicles.
    Fixed: Animal group size when despawning, is now saved correctly.
    Fixed: Ability to remove owned base buildings.
    Fixed: Airdrop message is now displayed when crate has been dropped.
    Fixed: Vehicle has no longer backpacks in it's inventory when spawned via admin menu.
    Fixed: Removed ability to lock watercathments and fireplaces.
    Fixed: On spawn player no longer changes unit! (now "player" script can be used in initClients)
    Fixed: Improved GlitchPunisher!
    Fixed: Fixing bikewheel uses now bikewheel instead of car wheel.
    Fixed: Updated southzagoria map as chernarus_2035.
    Fixed: Canceling building works correctly.

    Tweaked: Unit data is now set in DB_fnc_loadPlayer.
    Tweaked: Toolbox is no longer required when using tire repairkits.
    Tweaked: Locations are now created on client start function.
    Tweaked: Setup fresh unit loadout is now done performed by client.
    Tweaked: Changed DesoDB plugin name as ApmsDB
    Tweaked: All ai.s will not attack players.
    Tweaked: Zombie ratings are now -10k when spawned to make ai.s shoot them.
    Tweaked: Updated "Death Message" and "Unconscious" text type and font.
    Tweaked: DS_var_inCombat returns now false instead of null when not in combat.

    Libredex Changelog
    - Added: Time log to the debugoutput of libredex
    - Added: Dumping the sql querys to the debuglog
    - Rebased Unix/Epochtime of libredex to the July 18, 2016 as base time, by subtracting 1468800000 from the real time to fix an precision loss of because arma converts the value.

    SQL Changelog
    - Added: Killinfoview table.
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    coocked meat? hahaha thanks for the update team xx
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