DesolationRedux v0.3.0 Release Notes

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    Today we release DesolationRedux v0.3.0. This is a major rewrite of much of the SERVER and CLIENT code. This mod was started by a bunch of friends that wanted to make a mod, but were unsure at the time how to go about it. 2 years later, there were some glaring fixes needed. Thanks to Razer remaking a ton of the server side code, and helping fix up part of the client files, Legodev for reworking his Libredex, and myself reworking many of the client file configs and models, we can now move forward with a bunch of new features. These past issues really prevented us from adding new things to the mod, so had to be addressed.

    Now this will not just be an optimization update. We do have new content in that you should be able to enjoy. I suggest reading through the change logs.There is some great stuff there.

    The follow on updates shouldn't take as long as this one did. Hopefully we can get some of the things in that we have been holding back on, and also start to see more community plugins available. Until then, here are your change logs for DesolationREDUX v0.3.0


    Client Files

    Added: Pumpkin and Apple icons.
    Added: More edible food.
    Added: Sounds for door breaking.
    Added: Ability for zombies to break down and open doors (Fixes ghosting through buildings).
    Added: Sounds for generator.
    Added: Portable Light Item.
    Added: Hospital Bed object.
    Added: Hospital Sink object.
    Added: Hospital Gurney object.
    Added: Bike Frame, Bike Wheel, Bike Chain as parts for crafting a Bike.
    Added: Action for crafting a Bike.
    Added: Icon for M500 shotgun.
    Added: Action for opening a can.
    Added: Opened can foods.
    Added: cz750, m4_300, and revolver magazine icons.
    Added: Cutting animations for Shears.
    Added: A2 uniform ports now work for players.
    Added: HiddenSelectionTextures to storage crates.
    Added: Level 2 player house Version 2.
    Added: Skeleton model for body decomposing.
    Added: Land_school_01 object.
    Added: UN Billlboard textures.
    Added: Action to cut / remove zip ties.

    Fixed: Accessory icons.
    Fixed: Weapon effect code.
    Fixed: Broken prop p3d paths in zombies.
    Fixed: Zombie uniforms no longer disappear when they are killed.
    Fixed: Set max zeroing to 100m in m500.

    Tweaked: Accessory mode.cfg's to fix skeleton error.
    Tweaked: House Level 3 preview inventory increased to 8000.
    Tweaked: DSR_Moto physx.hpp to fix duplicate fuel class.
    Tweaked: Painkiller icons.
    Tweaked: Haku was here.
    Tweaked: Complete remake for DSR_Weapons configs.7:31 PM 4/10/2018
    Tweaked: Complete remake for DSR_Zombies configs.
    Tweaked: Complete remake for DSR_Actions configs.
    Tweaked: Complete remake for DSR_Anims configs.
    Tweaked: Complete remake for DSR_Apparel configs.
    Tweaked: Complete remake for DSR_Creatures configs.
    Tweaked: Complete remake for DSR_Items configs.
    Tweaked: Complete remake for DSR_Musics configs.
    Tweaked: Moved weapon animations to DSR_Anims.
    Tweaked: Moved zombie animations to DSR_Anims.
    Tweaked: Changed all player house damage namedProperty to NO.
    Tweaked: DSR_Object splint config.
    Tweaked: Changed 3rd camera position.
    Tweaked: Intro weather and time.
    Tweaked: Flashlight light intensity, distance and angle.
    Tweaked: mk12,cz805,m24,DMR and SVD icons.

    Removed: Extra TGA files.
    Removed: Duplicate textures in DSR_Weapons.
    Removed: Zombie uniforms from BIS_Arsenal.

    Server Files

    Fixed: Removed "No Wall" message when jumping.
    Fixed: Zombies can no longer run inside houses.
    Fixed: Surrender bug where the surrender animation could still be seen from player B's
    viewpoint, even though Player A lowered their hands.
    Fixed: "Delete" in AdminTool now removes the object from DB.
    Fixed: Fixed restart function in AdminTools.
    Fixed: DB object lock status.
    Fixed: Zombies should no longer yell "AREA CLEAR".
    Fixed: Unit stops when holstering axe instead of diving.
    Fixed: Server monitor now starts 5 minutes after restart.
    Fixed: Unit load-out saving.
    Fixed: Decreased "12Gauge_Buck" bullet spread.
    Fixed: Everyone can now unlock/lock all doors if they know the code.
    Fixed: Unit voice pitches.
    Fixed: Temporary fix to make crates not disappear when lifting them.
    Fixed: Black screen appears immediately when trying to turn NVGs on if there is no battery item in the inventory.
    Fixed: Ability to check target's UID with AdminTools.
    Fixed: If target is in vehicle when teleporting, the unit will now move inside that vehicle. (AdminTools)
    Fixed: Ability to get water from the object, "misc_trunk_water".
    Fixed: Removing vehicle parts from a vehicle now requires a toolbox in your inventory.
    Fixed: Mined rocks goes now to nearest groundHolder if available.
    Fixed: Zombie's uniforms no longer disappear when they die.
    Fixed: Weapon attachments will save, and will stay on the weapon after restart.

    Added: Gathering items from apple trees.
    Added: Combat log system.
    Added: Deconstruction for walls.
    Added: BIS Arsenal to AdminTools.
    Added: Portable lights to loot tables.
    Added: Bike crafting.
    Added: DB now stores the weapon name, player name, and the distance they were killed from.
    Added: Added a can opening action.
    Added: Ability to pack tents.
    Added: Ability to edit spawned player's headgear, uniform, vest, backpack and goggles.
    Added: Ability to gut animals.
    Added: Ability to zip-tie players and open their inventories.
    Added: Ability to disassemble bike.
    Added: Ability to cut wires.
    Added: Ability to set max amount of each vehicle type.
    Added: Ability to set random fuel/damage to spawned vehicles.
    Added: Ability to place portable lights.
    Added: Ability to spawn crates with AdminTool.
    Added: Ability to add dead bodies around a helicopter crash.
    Added: Ability to place and turn on/off generators (Lights up all portable lights within 16 meters).
    Added: Ability to set plugin version in "config.cpp".
    Added: Portable lights to loot tables.
    Added: New function to pluginMaster: "BASE_fnc_getCfgNumber" .
    Added: Some small bugs in Libredex like a broken return value in Libredex termination.
    Added: Scheduled time based restarts.
    Added: New variable: "DS_var_nextSync" .
    Added: Version checker to DB plugin.

    Optimized: Flip Object code.
    Optimized: Item Fill code.
    Optimized: Refueling code.
    Optimized: Remove parts code.
    Optimized: Repair parts code.
    Optimized: Replace code.
    Optimized: Refuel vehicle code.
    Optimized: Refuel request code.
    Optimized: Holstering code.
    Optimized: Jump code.
    Optimized: Autorun code.

    Updated: Moved getLoot and setLoot from desolation plugin to PluginManager ("BASE_fnc_getAllCargo" and "BASE_fnc_setAllCargo") .
    Updated: Moved "HeliCrashes" as it's own plugin.
    Updated: Moved Airdrops as it's own plugin.
    Updated: Moved looting system as it's own plugin ("LootSystem") .
    Updated: Moved "shuffleArray" from Desolation plugin to "pluginMaster" .

    Removed: AltisExpansion (Configs moved to "LootSystem" plugin) .

    # Legodev's stuff
    Added: Update character and update object are now quiet methods to speed up synchronization between the server and the database
    (To detect any issues you either need to use the debug Libredex or switch back to the non quiet async method in the server files by changing PROTOCOL_DBCALL_FUNCTION_QUIET_ to PROTOCOL_DBCALL_FUNCTION_UPDATE_OBJECT and the same of the CHAR function).

    Added: Possibility to limit the amount of objects returned by dumpObject
    (To use this feature, you have to define the offset and the amount of objects you want to have and keep fetching while increasing the offset until you get an empty array).
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    Hi, any Database Updates requiered?
  4. Legodev

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    Jul 18, 2016
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    wipe the database, or run the server, join and then restart once via the admin panel as big ben said
  5. >X<

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    As always fellas...thanks for your time. WE ARE ENJOYING IT!!!!
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    thank you very much :D
  7. B.A.D.

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    Whats about that admintool restart that makes it necessary?I mean,i did it,just curious
  8. neotres

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    Ty for hardwork, after version using "insert" to use adminmenu, but in 3.0 ? I restart the mission using login as an admin on server, but "insert" not working....
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    Thank you for this Update! But i have a paar Questions:
    1. Is it possible to adjust the damages of individual parts of vehicles?
    If I set Damage to 80%, then every part since update for 80% broken, but so you can drive quietly, since all wheels are equally broken ... Previously, you have found vehicles where have several parts away or unusable. ..

    2. The Loot Configuration is in two files defined: LootSytem.cfg and Desolation.cfg... I noticed that we have too much loot. Then I commented out the loot section in Desolation.cfg, it gets much less loot, as it should. Is that a careless mistake?
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    you forgot to add your steamid to the admin list of the admin menu
  11. M.Grand

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    This seems like the correct place to get this off my chest: Thank you very much, indeed !
    Any update/fix be it small or huge (like this one) is very much appreciated.

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