DesolationREDUX Pre alpha changelog V 0.1.2017050813

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    Jul 2, 2016
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    -Fixed edges of Plywood and Lumber models
    -Fixed config issue overwriting Mk14

    -Added New inventory icons
    -Added 25 new preview images for crafting items
    -Added Log Seat
    -Added Item action for "Taking Your Own Blood"
    -Added 2 new UH1H variants (TKA and Camo)
    -Added MOCAP Zombie Animations
    -Added MOCAP Climbing/Vaulting action
    -Added New HUD Icons
    -Added New Bleeding Overlay
    -Added M16A2 Assault Rifle
    -Added M-500 Shotgun w/ Slug and Buckshot rounds
    -Added M4-300 ACC Blackout
    -Added New campfire and cooking tripod w/pot

    -Tweaked CfgDifficulties to enable/dissable a few things
    -Tweaked HUD Icon opacity to give better visial aid

    -Fixed Some RVExtensionArgs issues
    -Fixed Typo in GlitchPunisher
    -Fixed Death Screen Timer
    -Fixed vehicles now spawn with random fuel (0-90% in steps of 10%)
    -Fixed Zombie hearing bug
    -Fixed Typo in Heli Crash message

    -Added New preview images to player journal config
    -Added Texture syncing for vehicles
    -Added Texture saving to and loading from the DB
    -Added More complex checks for nearest buildings. Should solve somebuilding detection issues
    -Added Code for taking your own blood
    -Added Failsafe for a bugged database. Server will still boot, but will display an error
    -Added Visual effects when shot
    -Added DSR Climb into Vault keybind
    -Added M16A2 to loot config as Semi-Common weapon
    -Added M4-300 to loot config as Rare weapon
    -Added M500 to loot config as common weapon

    -Removed Katiba_GL from loot table

    -Tweaked SpookyWeather (added overcast)
    -Tweaked zombie count (increased)
    -Tweaked knockout from low blood
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  2. Squillium

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    Feb 18, 2017
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    The zombie animations were the only real complaint I had. You guys are doing amazing work!
  3. Nex

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    Jul 11, 2016
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    Yeah they were just place holders till these got done. :D

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