ATaC - UK/EU - with own HARDCORE server!

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    [ATaC][EU] Desolation Redux | Esseker | TFaR | Hardcore


    We’re an European group of hardcore-first-person-gameplay-loving cunts. :)

    A Tactical Community“ [ATaC] is a MilSim-community with professional and experienced Arma-series players, aswell as skilled server-scripters.

    Next to other games we mainly play Arma 3 and love tactical gameplay, but we still keep an eye on humor. There’s no strict roleplay and you won’t have to call anyone Sergeant or stuff like that. We set up our own missions or play on our modded Alive-server.

    We're looking for new players, although we're quite big already.
    You should speak English and should'nt be a total noob in Arma, then you're welcome!

    Our TeamSpeak:

    You can also get in touch with us on our new hardcore server!

    We recently created our own hardcore Desolation Redux server on the beautiful apocalyptic map Esseker.

    Short description:

    This is a no-bullshit server.

    Long description:

    Our main goal is to offer some sort of hardcore, „realistic“ apocalypse gameplay in 1st-person only with the help of the new Desolation Redux mod that will motivate you to play on our server for a long time, with only 6 mods currently. You will have a challenging experience and won’t reach the end-game in just a few days.
    Good loot is rare, zombies are common and good weapons aswell as ammo are harder to find.

    We also use TFaR and disabled side-chat on the server to prevent people from complaining all the time or talking shit in general. You‘ll have to find a radio in order to communicate with others. Without a radio you can talk to players in-game that are close to you by just talking into your mic. Make sure you join our TeamSpeak! Otherwise you'll be kicked from the server. That makes sure that everyone uses TFaR.

    If you got killed - then you got killed. Take it like a man (or woman, or transsexual, or whatever). Learn from your mistakes and keep going. Remember - this is survival. Be a hero or be a bandit.

    Desolation Redux is in it’s Alpha stage of development: so expect some bugs and issues, but don’t expect re-funds e.g. for despawned cars. Just play and enjoy the game.

    The server is fresh, so stuff might get changed here and there. Your feedback is welcome.

    Help will be offered on our TeamSpeak in different languages, or message (ATaC) Andreh on Steam.

    Required mods (all available on Steam):

    TFaR >>> Make sure to install the TeamSpeak Plugin! Tutorials can be found on YouTube.
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    Does the server still up ?

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