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  1. Shepherd
    Founder of Demented Old Guys Gaming (DOGG) aka Doggaming, Doggamers.
  2. IGaveUpCrackForThis
    My name is Cain and I am now unable.
  3. moosemilker
  4. McCoy
    Loving me some desolation redux
  5. B.A.D.
  6. B.A.D.
  7. B.A.D.
    2301 gaming.check our Servers out ;)
  8. Zanentm
    Owner of PENULTIMARP (Desolation Redux Roleplaying)
  9. Zanentm
    Owner of upcoming Roleplaying Community (Yet to be named)
  10. >X<
    >X< Kegan
    Is the Advanced Development Corner a place noobs to arma development are welcome?
  11. 5niper
    haven't played this in months. getting back to playing. still need help with infistar?
  12. 5niper
    sorry guys. been busy. haven't played this game since the last update. but just installed the newest update.
  13. igor
    igor YourDaddy
    Please indicate how to change
  14. igor
    igor YourDaddy
    * Desolation Redux
    * © 2016 Desolation Dev Team

    [_classname /*"dsr_item_bandage"*/,true,_success,_failure] call DS_fnc_useItem;

    [_classname /*"dsr_item_bandage"*/,_target,_animation,true,_success,_failure] call DS_fnc_useItemTarget;
  15. igor
    igor BigBen
    Hello, not working Bondage!!!!!! version 2.0.
  16. Virtual
    Virtual 5niper
    share with me, please
  17. Yama
    EU#1 Server Admin
  18. LamboS2N
    LamboS2N Mike
    Just a heads up, I downloaded the server file and Anticheat is missing in the pluginlist.cfg Just in case someone starts a thread about it not loading.
  19. clarkycal
    @G1ng3rninja84 Eh stop writing on the dev's profile. That server is nothing to do with the dev's. Go find the servers discord or forums.
    1. G1ng3rninja84
      Could you point me in the direction of how to do that?
      Aug 7, 2017
  20. G1ng3rninja84
    G1ng3rninja84 BigBen
    Hello, i have a quick question about three or four days ago there was a rather mischievous hacker on the [US] Desolation Redux Server, i tried to reconnect a day later and i was banned? i was wondering why as well as if there is anything we or any of the development staff could do I used the player handle SGT. Ninja in game mostly. For reference the IP was