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  1. bUTz
    bUTz BigBen
    Hello, I would like to be able to test this new mod and help develop it. I could join the whitelist
    ID: 76561197996783837
  2. Ayx
    Ayx BigBen
  3. Kegan
  4. MrKingPol_
  5. RussianJesuz
    RussianJesuz BigBen
    Hey man, I was referenced by my friend JC-mrΞMPΞROR who is already whitelisted on the server to come and request it from you. I can provide very formal feedback on the site, Stress test the server I have a pretty beefy build not to brag, and also I just want to play with my friend :) I am also a small time Youtuber, and just started to mess around on Twitch.
    My Steam ID:76561198253905788
  6. B.A.M.
    Hello I would like to be whitelisted to play on the servers please. ID: 76561198011735838
  7. TIBO
    TIBO BigBen
    Hello, I would like to get whitelisted to help in testing the mod, thanks.
    My steam ID:76561197960287930
  8. pauliusskersonas
    hi i wouls like to join pls, steam id 14580517
  9. Barley194
    Barley194 BigBen
    Hello, I would love to join testing, can I get whitelisted? I can send feedback to you with pleasure :)

    My steam ID: 76561198061152855
  10. Dziquu
    Dziquu BigBen
    Hey... I would like to get be whitelisted. It's 24 april and I have today a bithday. This would be very cool gift If I could join to whitelist :D My steamID: 76561198211942153
  11. CaptainZeep
  12. NkkS
    Id like to get whitelisted. Thank you. STEAM ID: 76561198036195134
  13. BaronRojo
    Im waiting aproval here is my steam id 76561198261455734
  14. DoubleX
    DoubleX Cipher
    Man! I need a server to join. I havent been able to find any!
    1. Cipher
      Feel free to join ours :D
      Apr 22, 2017
  15. Aram35
    Aram35 BigBen
    Hey Bigben, i would like to get be whitelisted.I seen videos from this mod here,its looking very very cool and intresting.Chazie send me here to you :)I seen live videos from Chazie95,very cool and funny :D
    I would like to help and testing the mod,thanks.And good work .

    Steam ID: 76561198288108739

    Have a nice day :)
  16. kokaina
    kokaina BigBen
    hello, I would like to get whitelisted to help in testing the mod, thanks.
    ID: 76561198002794563
  17. Blast67
    Blast67 BigBen
    Im a Chazie sub, could you whitelist me please, thanks.
    ID = 76561198135496023
  18. Portaelganar
    Portaelganar Sven
    btw thx for no help hrsn
  19. Jay
    Jay BigBen
    Hay , Chazie sent me here as well to get white listed, i'm hoping to becomea member of the community
    ID: 76561198123550758
  20. Flaykes
    Flaykes BigBen
    Hello! Chazie sent me to get whitelisted so I can help test out the mod, thanks in advance!